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A Marketplace Lender for Real Estate’s Weekend Warriors

“We’re really a second-chance financing option” for property investors, says Steven Kaufman, Zeus Mortgage’s president and founder.
Home remodelers, meet the crowdfunding crowd.
Zeus Mortgage in Houston has rolled out an online real estate financing platform that seeks to match accredited investors with property holders who need funding for renovation jobs, construction projects and cash-out as well as other refinances.


Real Estate Lender Zeus CrowdFunding Offers Industry’s First Loyalty Program


Zeus CrowdFunding, the fastest real estate crowdfunding site in America, will offer borrowers a new incentive unmatched in the rapidly growing financial sector: the real estate crowdfunding industry’s first loyalty program. Repeat borrowers with the company can borrow up to 80 percent of a property’s after-repair value (ARV).


Real Estate Lender Zeus CrowdFunding More Than Doubles its U.S. Service Area

Houston, TX August 02, 2017 — (PR.com)

Zeus CrowdFunding, the fastest real estate crowdfunding site in America, will now provide fast funding to more of America than ever before. The company more than doubled its service area this month, expanding to eight new states as well as Washington, D.C


Newcomer Zeus Crowdfunding Zooms to #7 in the Rankings

Platform has industry-leading volume and unique features.

Hard money loan platform Zeus Crowdfunding debuts at a strong #7 in the rankings, with one of the highest volumes in the industry (60) and one of the few platforms with conservative LTV inventory. It also has some unique and innovative features including semi-liquidity and a payment guarantee.


The Real Estate Lending Merger That Shook Mt. Olympus

Zeus Mortgage, Zeus Hard Money and Zeus CrowdFunding Merge to Become ZeusLending.com

HOUSTON, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Texas’ mightiest pantheon of real estate financing companies—Zeus CrowdFunding, Zeus Hard Money and Zeus Mortgage Bank—made the switch to monotheism. The three successful businesses are now united under a single brand: ZeusLending.com.

Zeus Founder and Chief Acceleration Officer Steven Kaufman says he consolidated all three financing businesses into a single organization to better serve the community of real estate buyers and investors who rely upon fast, no-hassle loans to conduct timely transactions.


How to Make Money With Real Estate: Learn When to Flip, Rent, or Hold.

Real Estate Investors’ Best Bet: Flip, Rent, or Hold?

As any seasoned real estate investor could tell you, purchasing property is the easy part. The real challenge in real estate investing is figuring out what to do with those properties. Your options typically come down to three choices: flip, rent or hold. There is money to be made using each method, but knowing which method is right for you and your property will be the key to your success.

If you’ve watched enough HGTV, you may think you know the answer already. Not so fast! The blood, sweat, and tears—not to mention the risk required to build wealth in real estate are different for everyone and can change the equation significantly from what you’ve seen on television.