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7 Reasons to Never Tap into Home Equity

Just because home values are on the rise, why bother using all that equity?

  1. Use Equity for Home Improvements?

    Isn’t that what all those high-interest credit cards are for?
  2. Cash Out Home Equity for College Tuition?

    Forget about Junior’s education. There are plenty of jobs as a barista.
  3. Apply Equity for Debt Consolidation?

    Who cares? I don’t want to reduce my monthly payments.
  4. Pull Home Equity for Major Events?

    My daughter prefers a backyard wedding in her old prom dress anyway.
  5. Employ Equity for Investments?

    What? Use my money to make more money? How silly.
  6. Tap into Equity for Retirement?

    I trust the government. Social Security is enough if I run out of savings.
  7. Need Equity for Emergency Expenses?

    I’m a gambler. What could possibly happen?


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