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Looking for safe, high-yield investments in real estate backed financing?
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What Zeus CrowdFunding Offers

Rate of Return

Zeus CrowdFunding offers you the option of higher yield returns (up to 14%) based on guaranteed or non-guaranteed real estate deals.


Returns are paid monthly in interest-only installments until the loan is paid in full.

Protection of Principal

Zeus CrowdFunding funds in the first lien position typically between 50% to 75% of the property’s quick sale value and only to very well qualified borrowers. If a non-performing asset is acquired, it is quickly stabilized and marketed for resale. The excess equity (35%) creates a quick sale that generally offsets the investment, return, and costs.


With Zeus CrowdFunding, each investment is paired directly to a single project. Your funds are used for a specific transaction. Investors typically invest $50,000 to 100% of the pre-funded amount and can visit the property used as collateral for their investment.


You should anticipate a 12-60 month holding period based on your investment. However, the average Zeus CrowdFunding investment is paid off well before maturity. When an investment is paid in full If you elected the Manual investment option, the proceeds are paid to you within 14 days. If you elected the Automatic Investment option, the proceeds are invested in a new project that is of equal or better credit-worthiness.


With Zeus CrowdFunding’s Semi-Liquid Withdrawal Option™, investors can withdrawal of some or all of their Guaranteed Investment. Some restrictions and fees apply

Investment Options

Earn up to 25% based on your choice of guaranteed, non-guaranteed, or equity real estate.
There are three ways to Invest:

Self-Directed Investment

Choose your own investments.

  • $50,000 minimum per deal
  • List rate only
  • Single one-time investment
  • No asset management fees
  • Allocation limited to availability

Automatic Investment

Let us do all the heavy lifting.

  • $50,000 minimum, but can be used towards multiple deals.
  • Increased rate when available
  • Single or multiple notes at a time
  • No asset management fees
  • Guaranteed Allocation

Zeus Investment Fund

Committed Capital managed for you.

  • Minimum commitment of $250,000
  • Preferred returns
  • Unlimited deals
  • Administration Fee Only
  • Guaranteed Allocation

With Automatic and Planned Investment options, your money is continuously reinvested and is ALWAYS earning.
There are no fees for enrolling in this service.

To enroll in Automatic or Planned Investment programs, contact our investment experts:

Are You a Typical Z-Crowd Investor?

Idle/Low Rate Savings

The investor with savings and money market accounts that are earning very minimal returns, yet provide a great deal of security, are attracted to Zeus CrowdFunding because we offer attractive dividend type yields with security from loss of principal.

Self-directed IRA/401(K)

The investor with a self-directed retirement account is the perfect fit for the Z-Crowd, because of the preservation of capital at above market rate of returns.


The sophisticated investor who recognizes the value of diversification and sees Zeus CrowdFunding as the perfect cornerstone to acquiring a diversified portfolio.

Passive Income

The investor who utilizes monthly returns, joins the Z-Crowd for monthly interest payments at above market yields.

Dividend Investors

The investor who places significant value on dividend income sees Zeus CrowdFunding as the perfect replacement because of the protection from loss of principal not found in stock, equity, and dividend investing.

Conservative Investors

The investor who is averse to risk places a high degree of value on the ability to physically see and touch their residential real estate investment. This conservative investor highly values the investment type coupled with the rate of return and preservation of capital that Zeus CrowdFunding offers.

Savvy Real Estate Investors

The investor who recognizes that the value of leverage is increased when paired with conservative financing standards and can provide significant tax and asset protection advantages as offered by Zeus CrowdFunding.


The investor who sees the value in diversification, leverage, and real estate, but is not prepared or trained to originate, underwrite, and service their own private financing, aligns with Zeus CrowdFunding and our vast investment experience.

Interested in a Self-Directed IRA?

ZeusLending teamed up with Equity Trust Company so you can easily set up an IRA account to use for your real estate investments.
The tax advantages make this a powerful combination.
Click here for more information

How Zeus CrowdFunding Works
Manual Investing

Create an Account & Browse Projects

Invest & Build Your Portfolio

Monitor your Investment and Receive Returns


Guaranteed &
Non-Guaranteed Notes

We do the due diligence so you don’t have to. Every investment is thoroughly vetted and underwritten. All the investments are backed by first liens and personal guarantees. Most of the investments are Guaranteed Notes which means ZeusLending guarantees you against any loss of

Earn Up To 14% in Semi-Liquid, Passive Investments in Real Estate Notes

For Guaranteed Note investments, you may request withdrawal of some or all of your investment prior to maturity with our Semi-Liquid Withdrawal Option™, a Zeus CrowdFunding innovation. Some restrictions and fees may apply.

“The return of my Money is just as important as
the return on my money.” – Mark Twain

Zeus CrowdFunding Delivers

Easy Investing

  • Sign up online in less than a minute
  • View all real estate financing opportunities without commitment
  • Choose how much you want to invest

Great Investment Opportunities

  • Earn up to 14% APR in semi-liquid, passive real estate investments
  • Short-term notes (typically 12-60 months)
  • Backed by first liens & personal guarantees

A Partner in Your Success

  • Your success is our success! We are fully aligned with your interest and invested in your success.
  • We’re here to help! You don’t have to be an expert. With nearly 20 years in the business, we are masters of real estate financing.

Real Estate Investment Vs. Stock Market

Compared to other investments, real estate crowdfunding is a better performing & more secure investment.

Secured by 1ST Lien Position
Projects are Insured
Returns are Known & Fixed
Tangible Asset You Can Physically Visit
Real Estate Debt Investing vs. Real Estate Investing

Be an Investor,
Not a Landlord.

Investing in real estate debt is the safest, and now the easiest way to invest in real estate.

Equity Investments

Invest in a real estate project and come away with your principal plus a share of the profits from the sale of that property!

“Z-Crowd Investors Get Wealthy in Their Sleep.” – Zeus