7 Reasons to Never Tap into Home Equity

Categories: Personal Home Loans

Just because home values are on the rise, why bother using all that equity?

  • Use Equity for Home Improvements?
Isn’t that what all those high-interest credit cards are for?
  • Cash Out Home Equity for College Tuition?
Forget about Junior’s education. There are plenty of jobs as a barista.
  • Apply Equity for Debt Consolidation?
Who cares? I don’t want to reduce my monthly payments.
  • Pull Home Equity for Major Events?
My daughter prefers a backyard wedding in her old prom dress anyway.
  • Employ Equity for Investments?
What? Use my money to make more money? How silly.
  • Tap into Equity for Retirement?
I trust the government. Social Security is enough if I run out of savings.
  • Need Equity for Emergency Expenses?
I’m a gambler. What could possibly happen?


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