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Your home can be your largest asset. Use the equity you have in your home to pay for major expenses, debt payments, or even your retirement. Don’t get into a second mortgage or add to your monthly bills; replace your old mortgage with a new one with our cash-out refinancing options.

Cash-Out Refinancing Texas

Do you need to consolidate credit card or personal loan debt? Pay for home improvements, renovations, or upcoming remodeling projects? Possibly make a down payment on your future real estate? Cash-out refinancing lets you do it all. Zeus Lending offers cash-out refinancing that allows you to refinance your current mortgage by tapping into your home’s equity.

Equity refers to the amount of a home’s value or mortgage you have paid off while living there. You can gain home equity by an increase in your home’s value or by continuing to make monthly payments on your mortgage.

By cash-out refinancing your home, you can take the benefits of the equity you’ve built up over time, giving you a cash exchange for taking on a larger mortgage. What you do with this cash is up to you, but most Texas homeowners use the money for property repairs, student loan payments, car debt, medical payments, and more.

Zeus Cash Out Refinance Advantages:

Cash Out Refinance offers plenty of benefits to Texas property owners. These benefits include:

  • The money from your equity loan can be used for necessary home improvement projects, major events, investments, and more.
  • Need a quick money solution? Use cash-out refinance loans to pay off your car payments, student loans, credit cards, and other accrued debt.
  • No money to put down? Pay zero out-of-pocket costs when refinancing. In most cases, closing costs are added to your new loan.
  • You may reduce or eliminate any private mortgage insurance (PMI) at the same time.

Zeus Loans Are The Right Solution

Our Loan Specialists have analyzed countless investment deals. We’re happy to help you find just the right solution.

Zeus Lending Loan Specialists will help you evaluate all your cash-out refinancing – making sure to keep your best interests and needs in mind. Our experts will find the best options and values for you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Qualify for a Cash-Out Refinance Loan

Every private loan lender in Texas is different regarding the qualifications required for cash-out refinancing. Here are some of the basic requirements of qualifying for a cash-out refinance loan from Zeus Lending:

  • A qualifying credit score of at least 580
  • A debt-to-loan (DTI) ratio of less than 50%
  • Equity in your home

100% Satisfaction–Our Extreme Guarantee

Reach out to one of our loan specialists by filling out the Super-Simple Application™. As indicated by its name, the application is simple and takes less than 3 minutes to complete. A knowledgeable loan specialist will contact you right away to answer any questions you may have about our cash-out refinancing loans, including gap funding and bridge loans. We can assist you in making the best choice for refinancing, so you can get the money you need in your pocket quicker. Let us know how we can help you today!

There is no obligation on your part when you fill out the application. The only obligation is the obligation we have to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

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Funding Guidelines
Residential Investment Properties

6-60 Months based on qualifications & project

Up to 80% ARV (After Repair Value)

  • Funding Amounts: $2,500 – $5,000,000
  • Pre-Payment Penalty: None
  • Lien Position: 1st
  • Time to Funding: 5-10 Business Days (Standard)
  • Fast Track Funding: As Few As 4 Days

Funding Use

Purchase | Refinance | Renovation | Bridge

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