Commercial Real Estate Loans

Smart Investors Trust Zeus™

Quick close with a full renovation budget for Multi-Family, Office, Retail and more up to $5 million.

About Zeus Lending’s Commercial Loans

At Zeus Lending, we offer business owners and investors a wide range of options. We can finance commercial investment property loans and commercial real estate loans of up to $5 million. Several terms are available, including 1, 5, 10, and 15 years. Amortizations are available for up to 25 years. Interest rates are competitive with the current market.

Most importantly, you will have one of our Loan Specialists assigned to you throughout the process. They are there to answer all of your questions and to make sure you are making the best decision for you and your business.

Zeus Lending can help Houston-area business owners secure the funding to purchase property, renovate their existing properties, or otherwise expand their operations. Our rates are competitive with the current market, and our customer service level is second to none. We routinely assist customers hoping to finance a new property purchase with a fast closing or take on a renovation for their current commercial properties. Our commercial real estate investment loans have helped local business owners purchase and renovate the following types of commercial properties:

  • Multi-family dwellings
  • Industrial factories
  • Office buildings
  • Retail spaces
  • Storage facilities
  • Hotels & other hospitality facilities

Our commercial real estate loans are perfect for investors and business owners purchasing commercial properties, business owners seeking to renovate, and investors who need to close quickly. Let us help you turn your business plan into reality. Fill out our Super-Simple Application™ to get started.

Hard Money Commercial Loans

One of our specialties here at Zeus Lending is hard money commercial loans. This type of loan differs from a traditional loan in that it does not require a traditional lender. Rather, the loan is given by a private company or individual and usually doesn’t require the proof of income that traditional loans do. Due to this, hard money commercial loans are typically based on the property’s value. This way, if you default on the loan for some reason, the lender can recoup their losses by selling the property.

Although the approval process is usually much easier with a hard money loan, the interest rate is typically much higher. The period to pay off the loan is typically much shorter than a standard loan (1-5 years on average). Hard money loans also typically require a higher down payment.

If you think a hard money loan is the best option for your plans to renovate or expand, please get in touch with us today by filling out our Super-Simple Application™. Our Loan Specialists will be happy to learn more about your project and answer all your questions.

Benefits of Zeus’ Property Loans

  • Loan Amount: Covers your commercial property needs up to $5 Million.
  • Terms: 1, 5, 10, or 15-year terms with amortizations up to 25 years
  • Interest Rates: The most competitive rates in the market
  • Loan Advising: Zeus will provide you with a Loan Specialist to answer questions and help you make the smartest loan decisions

Zeus Loans Are The Right Solution

Our Loan Specialists have analyzed countless investment deals. We’re happy to help you find just the right solution.

100% Satisfaction–Our Extreme Guarantee

Zeus is a leading online commercial real estate lender that has financed almost $4 billion dollars’ worth of projects in the last 20 years.

The Super-Simple Application™ takes fewer than 3 minutes to complete. A knowledgeable Loan Specialist will contact you right away, help you with any questions, and assist you in making the best choice. There’s no obligation on your part. The only obligation is our obligation to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service.

Preparing for the Application Process

Applying for a commercial real estate loan will require a lot of documentation. Typically, the lender will want to see the following information before approving a loan:

  • Commercial tax returns
  • Bookkeeping for your business
  • At least 3 months’ worth of bank statements
  • Any collateral needed
  • Third-party property valuation
  • Your business plan

Along with making sure you have all this documentation readily available, you can do several other things to greatly improve your chances of being approved for a commercial real estate loan or commercial investment property loan. First, make sure you and your business have as little debt as possible. Check your credit score and make sure there aren’t any errors on your or your business’s credit reports. You can also improve your chances of securing a commercial loan by putting additional available collateral up, getting someone else to cosign on a loan, putting a larger down payment down and/or offering to pay a higher interest rate, and applying for a smaller loan amount.

If you require assistance with any part of the loan process, please do not hesitate to contact the Zeus Lending team. We are here to make the process of securing a commercial loan as crystal clear as possible for you. We aim to satisfy 100% of our clients while providing the loans that will help their businesses succeed.