How Real Estate Crowdfunding Makes House-Flipping Easier

House flipping—buying distressed homes, rehabbing them quickly, and selling them for a profit—is one of the most reliable and rewarding ways to make a profit in the modern real estate market. Flipping is more popular than ever, and its recent rise has been fueled in part by the simultaneous rise of real estate crowdfunding. The two have such a symbiotic relationship that it sometimes feels as though real estate crowdfunding is designed specifically for flippers.

Why? Because real estate crowdfunding makes house flips easier than ever before. The concept is simple: Potential flippers who can’t get mortgages from banks and lending institutions that meet their needs turn to the crowd for help. Zeus CrowdFunding and other real estate crowdfunding sites allow individual, accredited investors to contribute as little as $50,000 each towards the loan. It’s a win-win that significantly streamlines the real estate borrowing process for flippers in several ways:

Faster applications: Banks and other lenders take their sweet time considering borrowers’ forms and applications. They move very deliberately, not quickly. Zeus CrowdFunding, by contrast, requires only a Super-Simple Application™ to get started borrowing immediately.

More transparency: It’s common for house-flippers to get burned by hidden fees and other costs associated with borrowing from a bank or hard money lender. Zeus CrowdFunding offers full transparency up front about what you’ll pay, when, and why.

Close in four days, not four weeks: Zeus CrowdFunding offers a speed to close that’s unrivaled in the house-flipping industry. We can close every loan in days—That’s one of the reasons why Zeus is the leader in online real estate lending.™

If you’re ready to experience a more streamlined house flip, fill out our Super-Simple Application™ to begin borrowing today. If you’d like to know more about the advantages Zeus CrowdFunding offers house flippers over banks and other lenders, call our private money lender anytime at 713-ASK-ZEUS. We’ll devise a custom lending solution perfectly tailored to your next project.