How Does Zeus CrowdFunding Fund 80% of ARV?

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There are numerous real estate crowdfunding platforms operating in the U.S., but Zeus CrowdFunding is the only crowdfunding site that pre-funds up to 80% of a real estate project’s after-repair value (ARV). It’s a tremendous benefit to borrowers that Zeus CrowdFunding offers and differentiates us from the competition. If you’re ready to begin borrowing now, sign up for a free crowdfunding account at today! Our borrowers receive more money fast and can begin and complete their real estate projects more quickly.

So, why does Zeus CrowdFunding offer borrowers up to 80% of ARV on their projects when no other real estate crowdfunding platform in the U.S. can? It’s a question that we are frequently asked. The answer is that Zeus CrowdFunding lends 80% of borrowers’ ARV as a special incentive for loyalty. In fact, Zeus CrowdFunding maintains the only real estate crowdfunding borrower loyalty rewards program in the country: LoyaltyZ. With LoyaltyZ, repeat borrowers can get pre-funded on a larger percent of their project’s after-repair value.

How Does ZCF’s Borrower Loyalty Rewards Program Work?

Zeus CrowdFunding offers the real estate crowdfunding industry’s only loyalty rewards program because we value repeat business more than our competitors do. Our LoyaltyZ program is designed for real estate borrowers interested in completing multiple projects as quickly as possible. Best of all, no additional sign-up or commitment is required.

Here’s how it works: On a borrower’s first loan with ZCF, they can get up to 75% loan-to-value (LTV) of his or her project’s ARV. With each loan that they finish paying back to ZCF, the borrower can get one more point on their LTV—up to 80% of ARV. On a borrower’s second loan from Zeus CrowdFunding, for example, he or she is eligible to receive 76% of the ARV; on his or her second loan, then 77%, and so on. Beginning with his or her sixth loan, a repeat borrower will receive 80% of the ARV on every loan!

What’s even better is that Zeus CrowdFunding borrowers who pay off more than one loan with us are eligible to receive their funding in as little as three days!

How Do I Sign Up for the Industry’s Only Borrower Loyalty Rewards Program?

It’s fast and easy! Sign up today at to get funded in as little as four days. Each successive loan you borrow will be eligible to be funded at a higher percentage of the ARV, up to 80%.